SECP Constituted Expert Panel to Promote Fintech

Ali Samir, CEO of TPL e-Ventures has been selected to be part of  an expert panel by The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to propose regulatory framework for the development of financial technology at a National level. A committee of 12 individuals was chosen from Private and Public Sectors to help the company embark on its digital journey. Other members from the private sector include Shauzab Ali, Commissioner SECP, who has been nominated as the Chairman, while Nadeem Hussain, CEO, Planet N is the Co Chairman. The panel will be facilitating the development of FinTech solutions and providing support to various startups and small businesses.

TPL e-Ventures is a venture capital investor focused on supporting the startup ecosystem in  Pakistan by bringing together stakeholders and providing early stage start-ups with capital, expertise, and access to growth opportunities.

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