About Us

Since 2017, TPL e-Ventures has been supporting tech or tech-enabled startups. Initially structured as the corporate venturing arm of TPL Corp, it will develop into a VC firm. The partner startup investments have been made at Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages, across industries, but with a focus on businesses that the TPL Group (i.e., TPL Corp, TPL Properties, TPL Insurance, TPL Life, TPL Trakker, TPL Maps and TPL Security) can actively add value to.

Team Philosophy

Our purpose is to go beyond just financial support. Once we are in partnership, we create synergies between our businesses and help you grow your network to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Our Approach

TPL e-Ventures offers its partner companies financing but also strategic, and operational support and access to a national and international network. We aim to help daring and passionate players build meaningful, outstanding businesses.
Access to Expertise

We are not passive financiers: We provide mentorship and strategic advice to startups as well as access to TPL’s associated companies and partners, to support product development and business growth.

Access to Growth Opportunities

We successfully help start-ups scale their business along with helping them raise their next round of financing.

Access to Investment

We partner early by providing capital at the seed stage when founders need long-term allies.

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