Our Process


We select and support groups of extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the potential to disrupt industries and communities. We prefer to develop relationships with founders and understand their vision over time. Even if we don’t manage to partner at a particular stage, we would like to get to know the Founder. We’re far more likely to move quickly and ask to do a partnership in the future if we have an existing relationship and understanding of your vision for the business.


Once selected, entrepreneurs receive customized services such as mentorship, access to capital, and strategic advice. We believe that as venture capitalists, our job is to magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs by providing them with resources essential to their success.


We encourage thought leadership by transforming entrepreneurs to inspire future generations. We also believe in our portfolio companies working together to help accelerate each other’s growth.

Investment Analysis Framework

Following is the information we will require from your end:

1- Introduction

Your brief introduction and an overview of your company, tagline, and your logo.

2- Problem Identification

What is the problem you are trying to resolve? Specify who has the problem? Why do you believe it’s important to solve?

3- Business Solution

What is your proposed solution to the aforementioned problem?

4- Market Understanding

How big is the problem (market potential) you are trying to resolve, and what is the market size and growth rate? How will you reach this market and scale? How quickly?

5- Audience

Who are the early adopters? Include demographic and behavioral data & insight to demonstrate your understanding of this user. How will you reach these early adopters (e.g. channels, existing access/user base, etc.)

6- Product

What will you offer? Tell us about your product/service.

7- Business Model

Tell us about your Business model and any traction you have achieved to date? How will you make money?

8- Uniqueness

What is your competitive advantage? Who are the competitors? How will your solution be meaningfully different to users/customers?

9- Purpose

Why are you raising this round of funding, and how will you use the capital to grow/achieve your goals?

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