TPL e-Ventures is a venture capital investor focused on Pakistani tech or tech enabled companies.
Our vision is to build a world class platform known for catalyzing high potential / high-impact entrepreneurs

Our Approach

TPL e-Ventures offers its portfolio companies not only financing, but also strategic and operational support as well as access to a national and international network. We aim to help the daring and passionate build meaningful, outstanding businesses.
Access to Expertise

We are not passive financiers: We provide mentorship and strategic advice to startups in a number of fields.

Access to Growth Opportunities

We successfully help startups scale their business and will help them raise their next round of financing

Access to Investment

We partner early by providing capital at the seed stage when Founders need long-term allies

About Us

Incorporated in November 2017, TPL e-Ventures is the newest undertaking by Pakistan’s tech giant, TPL Corp. TPL e-Ventures (Private) Limited aims to invest in multiple startups across industries at a pre-seed and seed level.


We would like to be your first strategic investor who will play an active role at every stage of the company’s development; your coach, your sounding board or just a second pair of eyes to confirm whether you’re on the right track.

Team Philosophy

Venture is not just a business; it’s a skill that takes time to develop. We have formed a team that is a mix of founders, tech junkies and people who understand where the world is headed. TPL e-Ventures hopes to master the art of helping founders build strong companies to cater not only Pakistan but also the surrounding region.

Our Process


We select and support groups of extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the potential to disrupt industries and communities. We prefer to develop a relationship with founders and understand their vision over time. Even if we don’t manage to partner at a particular stage, we would like to get to know the Founder. We’re far more likely to move quickly and ask to partner in the future if we have an existing relationship and understanding of your vision for the business.


Once selected, entrepreneurs are provided with customized services such as mentorship, access to capital and strategic advice. We believe that as venture capitalists, our job is to magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs by providing them with resources essential to their success.


We encourage thought leadership by transforming entrepreneurs to inspire future generations. We also believe in our portfolio companies working together to help accelerate each other’s growth.

Investment Analysis Technique

  • Industrial, Demographic & investment trends
  • Successful global models localized for Pakistan
  • Pricing Anomalies including Labor Costs
  • Growth, GDP, Trade Policy, Legal Climate
  • Labour availability
  • Business Plans for Expansion
  • Scalability
  • DCF and Free Cash Flow analysis, Valuation
  • Gross Profit Margin, EBITDA Margin
  • Earnings Volatility
  • Sustainable unit economics
  • Likelihood of being bought out / listed
  • Founder & Best Team – Passionate & Dedicated
  • Deep Local & Sector Knowledge
  • Differentiated Solution / Barriers to Entry
  • Scalability & repeatability of business model
  • Threat of Substitutes
  • Strategic Advantages
  • Sustainable unit economics
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